Green, Green Almondine

My green, green Almondine socks, begun last fall, are finished! Here’s how they looked as of yesterday morning.

Almondine Progress

Not bad. Sidenote: The color of these socks is a lot lighter than in the pic above; it was inside and darkish when I took that. At that point, only 1.5 repeats and a toe to knit, which I finished up last night!

Finished Green Almondine

After the size issues I had with the first sock, I knit the other at 70 stitches, and it is still plenty stretchy, and I had plenty of yarn to complete the second sock.

Finished Green Almondine

As always, Anne Hanson’s pattern is clear, well-written, and offers several sizes. The lace panel is a 10 stitch repeat that is pretty logical – I memorized it fairly quickly.

Finished Green Almondine

This leaves me with nothing on the needles a conundrum. What should I cast on next? I’ve gotten holes in a couple of my pairs of handknit socks recently (it’s been a long, cold winter, yo) so clearly I need more socks.

Do I CO Primavera in this orange handspun?

Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino Roving

Another pair of Sleepy Hollows in this gorgeous chartreuse (omg cashmere)?

Ball & Skein Sophia

Or something else entirely? What do you think?


More Blue Socks

I am exhausted.  Family is in town (from the other side of the world, the land down under), and we’ve spent the last two days driving, seeing, touring, talking.

Porthos Toes

It was lovely, lovely time but I’m done in.  Husband and I (two introverts) barely said a word on the car ride home and as soon as we dropped our bags, he went out to run errands (man quiet time) and I put on PJs and a bathroom, put on my autumn mix of Hem and Alexi Murdoch (Lucy quiet time).

Porthos Socks

Before that, I finished the Blue Musketeer Socks. I just flew down the last sock, sped along by knitting in class and a long Sox game. I knit the 80 stitch size, because despite the small feet of the recipient, they may shrink a bit and I want to make sure she gets a lot of wear from them.

Porthos Socks

They’re really blue.

Finished Porthos Socks

Really, really blue. So blue that I need a break from blue, what with all the blue socks I’ve knit lately (with lately being defined as within the last 13 months).

So I did the only sensible thing, which was to cast on a pair of green socks. Green and blue are very different, right?

Ball & Skein Weatherfield

Socks and Stuffed Toys

Here are three quick and dark iPhone snaps for WIP Wednesday!

I finished one Porthos sock last week!

Blue Porthos sock

C’s best friend recently had a new baby girl. He already has a little boy, and C asked me to make stuffed toys for the kiddos. The rhino is almost finished – he needs his horn sewn on and to be fully stuffed and sewn up. Last night, C and I sat on the couch, got caught up on Parks and Rec, and rolled up little balls of stuffing (like how you would roll a ball out of clay). A friend of mine showed me that trick and I’m not sure if it is correct or not, but I like that it compresses the stuffing a bit before it goes into the toy so the toy doesn’t deflate.

Almost a rhino!

Rhino here is almost all stuffed and when I woke up this morning, C had filled an entire bucket full of balls of fluff, to use to finish Rhino and stuff Elephant.

Elephant in process

Elephant is almost done too – I’ll probably finish on Thursday. The patterns are from DIY Fluffies by Mariska Vos-Bolman. I’ve made each a couple times before and they’re just adorable. The fabric is Tula Pink, Prince Charming for Rhino and Birds and Bees for Elephant. I’ve been on a Tula kick lately – you’re going to see a Pink Tula Pink quilt here one of these months!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Blue Socks and Granny Squares

My blue squiddy socks (Rav link with details) are done! Hooray! I took pictures last night and promptly folded them up and stuck them in my sock drawer – no soaking and blocking needed for this girl! (Recognizing, of course, that soaking and blocking drastically improves the appearance of knitting, but as these are just for me, I’ll block them after I wear them.)

Blue Squiddy Socks

Blue Squiddy Socks

I finished them the other night, while watching Elvis in Blue Hawaii on channel 25.2 or something. We got a new digital antenna that picks up all these random channels – we have maybe six versions of PBS – and a classic movie channel is one of them. I also started a pair of socks for a friend with this yarn:

Unknown sock yarn Steph bought in Philly

She bought it in Philadelphia years ago, knit a toe, stuck it in her yarn basket for a while, gave it to me, I raveled the toe and skeined the yarn, and then it sat in my stash until now. She forgot what it is, so I have no idea what the fiber content is, but it is nice and a little bit more hefty than a normal sock yarn. She picked out the pattern Porthos by Caoua Coffee and I have about three inches of the cuff done – it goes really quickly!

In addition to that, I got the itch to sew a bit last night and threw together two Granny Square Blocks! I cut all the 2.5″ squares from two Kate Spain Good Fortune charm packs and organized them into blocks when I cut the fabric for Cuzco Crossing.

Granny Square Blocks

The outer white squares are leftover charm squares from the Cuzco Crossing quilt, quartered. I plan to use them until they run out and then make the rest with setting triangles. I’ll sash the blocks in more white and the back will have a patchwork strip of leftover squares running down the middle.

I have a zillion other things I want to make this fall. I need a new pair of mittens, a friend needs more fingerless gloves, I want to make Christmas stockings for C and I (and maybe a couple of extras for down the road for kiddos), and I need need need to finish quilting and binding Cuzco Crossing. I’m so close on that one! In the distant future, there’s a Weekender bag, a Lizzy House Constellations triangle quilt, and maybe a scrappy Tennessee Waltz. I love having a to do list; even if I don’t get it all done, planning and figuring out what to make is part of the fun!

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

A Sock and a Block

I am ashamed. Ashamed to admit that this poor blue sock languished for over six months on my needles. I’d work a row here or there, it remained a scant few inches long until last weekend. C and I were up in the Waterville Valley region of NH for a tiny bit of hiking and a reunion with friends. I brought the sock, thinking that maybe I’d work a row or two and then I’d get distracted, as the knitting mojo traded places with its friend, quilting mojo.

But between being in the car for four hours plus some really excellent So You Think You Can Dance episodes, I made some great progress! The sock pattern is Squid Socks by Nikki Burns, which has been on my queue for a coon’s age. The pattern has some long swathes of just knitting and purling, but they’re just long enough that it is difficult to remember which row I’m actually on. But I think I’m in the swing of things now.

One Blue Sock

I did get a little sewing done also! Here’s March’s Sugar Block, titled Forget Me Not.

March Sugar Block

I have one more block, the July block whose name I forget, cut and ready to sew as well – I’ll post a picture later this week/month! Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Two Blue Socks!

Technically, my last FO of 2012 is also my first FO of 2013. I finished Mom’s Marilinda socks on the 30th, while “watching” the Pats beat some other football team but couldn’t for the life of me find a darning needle. Somewhere in the detritus of my life, I have a small green bag that originally was part of a Clinique Free Gift set that my mom got several years ago that holds all my knitting tools like stitch markers, small scissors, and darning needles. That and my needle roll were once inseparable buddies, but it has gone missing. It is probably somewhere in my closet and will resurface when I move next month. Anyway, no darning needles were to be found in there.

I also used to keep a darning needle in my knitting needle roll. I’ve kept one there for green-bag backup for quite a long time. But then I used it to embroider my On a Whim quilt with the names of the couple. For a while, it was floating around my kitchen table, and then it was on my night stand and then it disappeared. Again, I’ll probably find it and several more of its kin when I move next month, but darning needles do have a tendency to go missing.

Marilinda Socks

When I explained all this to the fiance, he looked askance at me and said, “needles just… go missing?!” I could tell he was having visions of deadly sharp weapons hiding in carpet and on floors, just ready to stab a foot TO THE BONE. That’s not really what happens, especially as darning needles are pretty blunt and I wear slippers around the house. But it probably would behoove me to take better care where I leave them.

Fancy Heel

Anyway. I made a stop at a nice Joann’s in Concord last night and bought TWO PACKS of darning needles, one of which will live in my sewing kit for backup. Last night, I Kitchenered up the toe and Mom’s Marilinda socks (rav link for deets) are finally done! They are stretchy and blue and long and my mom really likes them!

…And then I cast on for a new hat for me. Because my old hat makes me look:
a) doofy
b) like I’m 12
c) ludicrous
d) all of the above.

We’ll see if this new hat is an improvement!

One Blue Sock

One of the reasons for all this Christmas music was to give me blog fodder in the period before Christmas. There’s a lot of craftyness going on behind the scenes but its mostly in bits and pieces.

Case in point: one blue sock!

One Blue Sock

The pattern is Marilinda by Cookie A and I’ve literally been trying to knit these socks since before Mother’s Day.

That’s right, these were supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift.

I did have some pattern difficulties. They’re for my mom, and she likes socks to be stretchy. The first two patterns I started were both way, way too small. Sadly. And then I remembered Marilinda, which seemed perfect, and this sock was knit in about a week. And there’s two inches of the second sock! I’m hopeful that they’ll be done by Christmas.

In other crafty business, I’m working on four pillows and one quilt and undisclosed something. I’ve made a spreadsheet with dates by which things need to be done and I am hopeful.

What are you hoping to finish before Christmas?


Look! I finished a pair of plain, plain, simple socks! And they only took me seven months!

Stripey Socks

The yarn is String Theory Colorworks Continuum Self Striping, which is a mouthful. All the colorways of this yarn are named after science terms. One can knit projects with colors inspired by the Orion Nebula, Sombrero Galaxy, Beta-Alanine, and RuBisCo. The colorway of my yarn was Large Hadron Collider, which a nice person on Ravelry traded to me for a big bag of sock yarn scraps. Knitters are by and large lovely people.

Stripey Socks

Really, a pair of socks shouldn’t take me seven months. Admittedly, the time I spent watching Netflix and knitting has drastically decreased. And suddenly, there’s this fiancee in my life who sometimes doesn’t appreciate getting nudged in the side every few moments while we’re watching Arrested Development.

Stripey Socks

But they’re done and just in time for fall. Huzzah for crisp weather that encourages the wearing of warm socks!

Stats and info on Ravelry here