Four More Poseidon Blocks

I’ve had a bad winter head cold over the past week and a half. The weekend was spent in a haze of nose blowing, soup making, and sitting on the couch with a glazed expression on my face. I did find that leaning forward over my cutting/sewing table helped alleviate some of my congestion, so I cut fabric for all the rest of my Quilt of Poseidon blocks. And since Saturday, I’ve sewn four more!

First up, Ribbon Star. The tutorial for this one was part of Faith at Fresh Lemons’ Solstice Stars Series.

Ribbon Star Block

Next, Mosaic No. 8 from Vintage Quilt Revival. I think I’m getting better about keeping my seams even and matching points and corners.

Mosaic No. 8 Block

The other blocks I want to make are all paper pieced from Vintage Quilt Revival. Small plug: this book really is fantastic. All the internet hype is true. I started what I thought would be the easiest, sewed up all the templates, and was about to stitch them together into a block when this happened:

Oops... Improperly printed templates!

Yup, improperly printed templates strike again! I had printed one copy of the Dakota Star template and checked it for accuracy, but forgot to check the settings before printing the other three copies. Blame the head cold, if you will. As soon as I realized, I checked my other templates and reprinted the ones that weren’t the correct size. Two were the right size, Exploding Star and Wheel of Fortune.

Exploding Star Block

Wheel of Fortune Block

These two came together mostly OK – I cut the green fabric nearly too small on Wheel of Fortune and had to piece it in places, but it looks fine. And I’ve reprinted the last few templates and I’m hoping to finish these by the end of the month! Regardless, I feel very productive despite being a bit sicky!

Thank so much for your advice on requilting Foxes Out My Window – I’m still having a think, but I like thought of pinning for extra stability. I’ll keep you posted!

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Two More Grannies

Most of my WIP energy is going into unpictured knitting these days, but here are two more granny squares!

Two More Granny Squares

I’m starting to get into a rhythm with sewing these and they come together quickly. This post is also coming together quickly; I’m taking an online Beginner CRA course (hello, getting on a career ladder!) and tonight’s class starts in 10 minutes. I’m trying out taking class at home, because home is where there’s yoga pants and ice cream in the freezer and a bed to climb into as soon as class ends.

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Cuzco Crossing is Finished!

Cuzco Crossing is finished! For the last week or two, it has been sitting on the back of my chair, taped and ready to be finished. All last week, I would tell myself hat I should just quilt two lines a night to finally finish and then I’d get home and look at my knitting and find it preferable to wrangling the quilt through my machine. But on Friday, I put on Cars and sat down and finished in one go! And it was great!

Cuzco Crossing Finished

Not pictured: the neighbor’s dog barking at me through the (much more rickety in person) fence and assorted condo tenants wondering what the heck I’m doing pinning a quilt to a fence.

Cuzco Crossing

You know, these two pictures really show the difference between the Moda Bella White charms I used for the puzzle blocks and the Kona White I used for the other white bits. The actual contrast in the actual quilt isn’t that noticeable.

Cuzco Crossing: Yankee Puzzle Block

The back is really, really simple. I got some yardage of the Sanctuary print in Patina and cut it the length of the quilt. I sewed on some yellow fabric I got at Joann’s back in 2007, trimmed it down to quilt width, and called it good. Because really, once I get to the back, I usually just want to be done. The binding is more of the yellow Joann fabric, sewn on while C drafted his fantasy football team. He made me promise not to talk to him or hum while he was drafting, because drafting is Very Serious Business.

Backing of Cuzco Crossing

The finished dimensions are 68″ by 57.5″ and I love it. Straight-line quilting on my home machine took a very long time, but the results are much nicer than free-motion quilting on my machine (but not quite as nice as FMQ at the longarm studio).

Llamas in Log Cabins Quilt

Llamas in Log Cabins is finished, quilted, bound, wrapped, boxed, and sent!

Llamas in Log Cabins

Finally, I might add.

Llamas in Log Cabins closeup

It is made up of 18 improv-ish 12.5″ on-point log cabin blocks. Each block has either a llama or another of Laurie Wisbrun’s fun prints in the center. The longest bit was figuring out how to make a bunch of on-point blocks end up on a rectangular quilt. I finally used Lauren + Jessi Jung’s Side & Corner Setting Triangles chart for figuring out the dimensions of the triangles I’d need.

Side view of Llamas in Log Cabins

A bit more sashing around the edges brought the final dimensions to 62″ x 78.5″ – a nice size for snuggling!

Llamas in Log Cabins back

The back has one additional block off-centered in a field of some of the various red solids and one red print I had kicking around.

Single block on back

I hope the recipients enjoy this bright quilt and get a lot of use out of it!

Llama Llogistics

Earlier last week, I was dithering over what to do with these Llama blocks. Recap: earlier I’d fussy-cut some llamas, and squared them on point with some scrappy fabric. And that was as far as I got.

Somewhere around on Thursday, my dithering started to get to me. I gave myself a little pep talk and made another block center with the llama straight on and bordered with some Echo. Then I finalized my stack of fabrics and boldly started to cut strips of between 1-2 inches. I figured that I could make a little mock-up and see which I preferred.

When I had a good-sized pile of strips, I laid out a log cabin block using the second (not on point) llama block:


That’s pretty nice, eh? I was all set to pick out the on-point llamas and go with that plan when I decided to try one in the mock-up, just for fun.


Ooh, that’s nice! Especially the big pop of color in the center!  I showed these pics to a sewing-friendly friend who concurred: on-point was better.

Llama quilt blocks

A bit of sewing and several episodes of 30 Rock and Community later, and I have several blocks in various states of completion. Finished blocks will be 12.5″ square and I’m getting to use up a lot of my bright scraps. Last night, I cut some center squares and strips out of the coordinating flapdoodle hats and Peruvian blanket prints. And seeing these blocks laid out on my floor makes me super excited to finish!


I think I’m going to need a total of 32 blocks and the finished quilt size will be ~64″ x 64″ – plenty big to be a couch/snuggle quilt!

Pattern: 12.5 inch on-point scrappy log cabin blocks
Fabrics: Laurie Wisbrun Llamas, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets and Jewels, Michael Miller Ta Dots, Metro Living Circles, Lotta Jansdotter Echo, Kate Spain Terrain