A Fortunate Granny Finish!

Fortunate Granny is finally finished! I begun these blocks last August, the top in October, and finally got around to quilting this month.

Fortunate Granny

I incorporated the extra 2.5″ squares left over from making the blocks into the back.

Fortunate Granny Back

I’m really proud of the quilting on this one. This is the first time I’ve quilted a quilt entirely in a pattern other than FMQ stipple, and the flowers came out really nicely. The quilt is bound with more of the backing fabric.

Fortunate Granny binding

The color difference between the whites (Bella for the blocks, Kona for the sashing) isn’t as noticeable in person; it doesn’t bother me much in any case.

I feel like I’ve been on Beast Mode with finishing quilts lately. Let’s see if the momentum carries further! Fortunate Granny is my May goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes and one of my Q2 Finish Along goals. Hooray!

Fortunate Granny
Size: 53.5″ x 65″
Fabric: Good Fortune by Kate Spain, Kona White, Bella White
Tutorials used: Granny Square Quilt Block from Blue Elephant Stitches, Setting Triangles for Granny Squares from Traceyjay Quilts


Fortunate Granny Quilting

Finishing Spring Stripes II gave me a lot of new ideas for how to quilt future quilts. One of my favorite designs to quilt were the echo flowers, which I thought would be perfect for Fortunate Granny. This weekend, I finally got the quilt basted and dove right in with quilting.

Basting Fortunate Granny

I am really loving how these flowers are turning out. They’re a great complement to the soft floral motifs in the fabric.

Quilting Fortunate Granny

So far, I have about a third of the quilt quilted. The hardest thing is figuring out where to go next and make sure gaps are filled in, but it is coming along nicely!

Fortunate Granny is my Lovely Year of Finishes May goal!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Fortunate Granny Top

Over the weekend, I finished all the granny square blocks for my Fortunate Granny quilt and last night, I sewed them all together!

Fortunate Granny top

Right now, the top has 4 x 5 9.25″ blocks with 2.5″ sashing between them. If my math is correct, its dimensions are about 41″ x 51″ which isn’t quite large enough. I’m going to add a border of some sort – either 6-7″ of plain white, or use the remaining 2.5″ charm squares around the edges. Or use the remaining 2.5″ squares for the back, perhaps similar to the back of Kate Conklin’s Gathered In quilt.

Fortunate Granny top

If you’d like to make your own granny squares, these tutorials from Blue Elephant Stitches, Coopcrafts, and Traceyjay Quilts were really useful to me. I made the blocks out of Kate Spain’s Good Fortune charm squares, which really grew on me while making this. The white background and sashing is mostly Kona White, with a few blocks made from leftover Moda Bella White from Cuzco Crossing. All in all, love! I feel like I have a lot of momentum with this one and I’m excited about finishing the back and getting it quilted.

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More Fortunate Granny

Woosh! Quick drive-by WIP Wednesday post to show off some more Fortunate Granny squares! I sewed up five more and trimmed them all down to 9 1/4″ square.

More Fortunate Granny squares

I think the very top square is my favorite so far.

And woosh! Just like that, I’m off to class. Happy Wednesday!

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Blue Socks and Granny Squares

My blue squiddy socks (Rav link with details) are done! Hooray! I took pictures last night and promptly folded them up and stuck them in my sock drawer – no soaking and blocking needed for this girl! (Recognizing, of course, that soaking and blocking drastically improves the appearance of knitting, but as these are just for me, I’ll block them after I wear them.)

Blue Squiddy Socks

Blue Squiddy Socks

I finished them the other night, while watching Elvis in Blue Hawaii on channel 25.2 or something. We got a new digital antenna that picks up all these random channels – we have maybe six versions of PBS – and a classic movie channel is one of them. I also started a pair of socks for a friend with this yarn:

Unknown sock yarn Steph bought in Philly

She bought it in Philadelphia years ago, knit a toe, stuck it in her yarn basket for a while, gave it to me, I raveled the toe and skeined the yarn, and then it sat in my stash until now. She forgot what it is, so I have no idea what the fiber content is, but it is nice and a little bit more hefty than a normal sock yarn. She picked out the pattern Porthos by Caoua Coffee and I have about three inches of the cuff done – it goes really quickly!

In addition to that, I got the itch to sew a bit last night and threw together two Granny Square Blocks! I cut all the 2.5″ squares from two Kate Spain Good Fortune charm packs and organized them into blocks when I cut the fabric for Cuzco Crossing.

Granny Square Blocks

The outer white squares are leftover charm squares from the Cuzco Crossing quilt, quartered. I plan to use them until they run out and then make the rest with setting triangles. I’ll sash the blocks in more white and the back will have a patchwork strip of leftover squares running down the middle.

I have a zillion other things I want to make this fall. I need a new pair of mittens, a friend needs more fingerless gloves, I want to make Christmas stockings for C and I (and maybe a couple of extras for down the road for kiddos), and I need need need to finish quilting and binding Cuzco Crossing. I’m so close on that one! In the distant future, there’s a Weekender bag, a Lizzy House Constellations triangle quilt, and maybe a scrappy Tennessee Waltz. I love having a to do list; even if I don’t get it all done, planning and figuring out what to make is part of the fun!

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Quilting Cuzco

Slowly, slowly I’ve been making progress quilting Cuzco Crossing. I wanted to try straight line quilting for a while, and this quilt seemed like a good opportunity. I’m quilting horizontal and vertical lines through the hourglass centers.

Quilting Cuzco Crossing

I’m using painter’s tape to mark the quilting lines, which is working well for me. Hat tip to whoever in the blogoverse who introduced me to this method. I remember seeing it a couple weeks ago but I honestly forget where I saw it. In any case, it is brilliant. Thank you. I am about halfway done with the quilting and I think I’ve hit a good rhythm. Perhaps it will be done this weekend!

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Cuzco Crossing

Over the past couple of weekends and a few weeknights, two charm packs of Kate Spain’s Cuzco line have started to become the front of Charm Crossing by Tammie Schaffer for Moda Bake Shop. I pinned this quilt ages ago but just got working on it a few weeks ago on starting-and-cutting things spree.

Getting ready to cut some Cuzco!

I love all the peacock motifs in Cuzco and the color palette is one of my favorites.

Charm Crossing Hourglasses

The hourglass blocks came together really quickly, with the use of a Quilter’s Quick Quarter ruler. No, before this project, I didn’t know such a thing existed. Yes, I spent probably 40 minutes googling “quilting 1/4 inch ruler with center slot” and things like that to try to figure out what this thing was from the picture in the pattern.

Charm Crossing top near completion

I sewed the Yankee Puzzle blocks during a Top Gear marathon a couple weeks ago. Last weekend, I laid them out, sewed them into rows, and then sewed the rows into the top!

Finished Cuzco Crossing top

I noticed that the whites I used (Bella white for the hourglasses and Kona white for the sashing and edges) are  different. Bella is a little more yellow than Kona.  It doesn’t bother me and I think that once it is quilted and crinkly, it will be fine. I have the back and the quilting planned out and soon this will be a FO instead of a WIP!

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Chevron Quilt

Do you ever have one of those lightening-strike, “that’s it!” kind of moments?

I keep a rotating list of project ideas in the back of my mind. At any given time, it contains six or eight items. For instance, I lost a pair of mittens and have been meaning to knit myself some heavy-duty colorwork mittens. There’s a project. Or: my ears get cold in the winter but I am hesitant to wear a hat because of the Flat Hair Factor. Therefore, I need some sort of headband/earwarmer type thing. Another project idea.

This quilt started this way. I wanted to make something with large swathes of fabric to show off more graphic prints. And I wanted to make something with Kate Spain‘s fantastic Terrain fabric.  And then I stumbled across Cynthia of Hyacinth Quilt Designs’ tutorial (and also here for more info) for a whole chevron quilt and shazam!  I went home and started planning the quilt.

Terrain Chevron Quilt

Once I had a rhythm, this came together fairly quickly.  I cut my fabric into 2 1/2″ strips and the white sashing to 1″, as Cynthia suggests.  I then sewed a strip to a sash, and then sashed strips in staggered columns.  After a bit more cutting and sewing, I had lovely chevron sections. and the top came together fairly quickly after that.

Back side of Terrain Chevron Quilt

Not going to lie, I really like the back.  I was saddened by all these nice chevron sections I had leftover after making the top and was thinking of making them into little clutches (which I may still do with the leftovers).  Then I remembered I had a back to make and incorporated one slender column, offset on a field of little purple leaves.  I used a wavy stipple stitch to quilt and bound the edges with Kona White, same as the sashing.

I’m such a big fan of this that I may make another!