Foxy Finish

Fields of Foxes is done, squeaked in juuuust under the Lovely Year of Finishes deadline (original goal post here). As in today was the last day to post the project, and I stitched up the binding last night. Fields of Foxes was a Craftsy workshop (project page here) and I really enjoyed the format and discussion.

Fields of Foxes Finished!

A kind colleague at work helped me take these photos. She’s also a quilter, so she understands the need to document these things.

Fields of Foxes back

Fields of Foxes was also one of my goals for the Q2 Finish Along. Which means that I completed all of my goals this quarter! Frankly, I’m surprised I finished everything, because I feel like it was really busy! Next quarter will not be nearly as productive, but I am really excited about the projects I have planned!


Foxy Quilting

One of my favorite parts of a day is sitting down to this:

Quilting Fields of Foxes

Fields of Foxes is nearly quilted with spirals and I’m really loving this pattern and quilt and thread (Aurifil 50 wt in Butter, yes I indeed splurged) combination.

Quilting spirals on Fields of Foxes

I like piecing and ironing and figuring out a pattern, but there’s just something lovely and meditative for me about free motion quilting, when one’s hands and foot are moving in harmony.* There’s a freedom in fitting each individual spiral exactly where it needs to go in relation to every other spiral, and a joy in stitching a perfect center point. They remind me of ocean waves or of roses or pearls.

Of course, all this is Best Case Scenario business. There are skipped stitches, and weird zaggy lines, and non-air conditioned workspaces made stifling by being draped with quilt. Usually, I have the windows open while I sew, but last night, my neighbors were throwing a loud and epic beer pong party. I maintain that when you can clearly hear every conversation and are starting to learn the names of all in attendance through closed windows AND over a sewing machine and an episode of Amazing Race, it’s a loud party.

In any case, hopefully this one will be done after one more night of quilting! Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced – she’s giving away a FQ bundle this week!

Adventures with Seam Ripper

After spreading out all my fabric across the floor and reorganizing a lot of it, I managed to select fabric for the back of Fields of Foxes from my stash. The teal and white print is Put a Lid On It from Michael Miller, the grey chevrons and bird vine print is from Cloud 9’s collection for Joann, and the blue and green chevrons are from Joann several years ago. Yay for using up fabric that was languishing in my stash!

Fields of Foxes back

Then I got to quilting. Because the fabric is so bold, I was thinking of doing some straight lines along the diagonal diamonds with a bit of FMQ in the diamond centers. Note the operative word ‘was’ in the sentence above. I was thinking of doing that. I spray basted as usual, and then got down to quilting the FMQ bits.

Pretty quilting on Fields of Foxes

Sadly, the back turned into a puckering mess. I didn’t take any pictures because truly, it was disheartening. I have a few theories why:
1. Usually, I FMQ from the center out, but this was quilted from the edges across. I thought that if everything was quilted down that it wouldn’t shift, but I guess that wasn’t the case.
2. The backing green chevron fabric is a little lighter weight than the others and may have gotten a bit stretched.
3. Aliens. Small, pucker-causing aliens.

Also, my quilting thread didn’t get along with my machine and kept snapping.

I talked all this through with my sensible husband and tried to convince him that I’d be okay with tucks. He responded by looking me in the eye and reminding me that I would be much more pleased with the finished product if it had no puckers. So, to the seam ripper I went.


Three nights of unquilting and two thirds of a season of New Girl later, the layers are separate again. This time, I’ll pin baste the sucker and quilt it with some all-over spirals. Boom.

Quilty mail!

Oh hello, fun quilty mail! The jelly roll is for my next (secretish? I haven’t decided) project and I can’t wait to start cutting and piecing.

Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

Foxy Diamonds and Triangles

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a new quilt top and this one is so much fun! I got this kit from Craftsy (project page here); the pattern name is Fox Tails but I’m calling this project Fields of Foxes.

Fields of Foxes diamonds

So far, I’ve finished all the large diamonds and side triangles. I also originally planned to make the top and bottom triangles using the log cabin technique is going well.

Fox Fields scraps

Well, if going well means scattering strips and scraps all over my sewing area! Some strips have to be pieced, but it’s working well. Five more top and bottom triangles and I’m ready to put together the top!

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Many WIPs on Wednesday

This week has been about finishing some projects, starting others, and thinking about long-term projects.

Binding Fortunate Granny
I finished quilting Fortunate Granny and got it bound. I’m hoping my husband will help me wrangle a couple finished shots tonight – look for a FO post soon!

The spinning urge hit me this week, so I grabbed this Friends in Fiber braid I got at VT Sheep and Wool last fall and got to work. It is 6 oz of BFL, which I split evenly and am spinning the two halves on two bobbins. The plan is to ply them back together to get a 2-ply barber pole yarn. I love braids that have a lot of complimentary colors!

Friends in Fiber BFL

Some new spinning

I also started matching fabrics and cut into my Fox Field Craftsy workshop kit.

Cutting Fox Field diamonds

I adore the colors in Tula Pink’s latest collection, Fox Field, and the log cabin diamond pattern is exactly what I want to sew. I’m going to try to stretch the fabric to make top and bottom log cabin setting triangles instead of the plain cream print in the pattern. We’ll see if that works out according to plan.

Fox Fields Quilt WIP

The only WIP I don’t have in process right now is a knitty WIP. I frogged the handspun socks out of fear that I’d run out of yarn. The yarn really wants to be armwarmers, anyway!

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Sock Musing and Fabric Choosing

After finishing my Rye socks, I waned to knit something else with my handspun. I grabbed a 2-ply skein made from a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep to Shoe kit in Christmas Balls, spun a way long time ago.

Here’s the fiber, which I think I got sometime in 2010.
Sheep 2 Shoe!

And here’s the skein.
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe Kit

Ravelry tells me that this skein is 304 yards, which may not be enough to make a full pair of socks. I split it evenly and started knitting a pair of simple toe-up socks.

Handspun toe-up socks

That toe may not look like much, but I’ve knit it three times already. The first two times felt too big, but the stitch count was still smaller than I usually knit, but I’m concerned about running out of yarn. Another option is to knit the toes and heels out of a contrasting color. I should probably bite the bullet and just do that already.

In quilty WIPs, I figured out fabric counts for my Tula Pink Fox Fields quilt. The pattern is Fox Tails, a tutorial from Craftsy, and it is exactly what I want to sew right now – bold colors and diamond pattern. I’m planning on at least two more diamond/triangle quilts in the near future, so watch out!

Strips of Fox Field

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