I’ve had snowflakes on the brain lately.  Not necessarily the frozen water ones that drift downwards once the weather gets cold but the paper ones that can be folded and cut.  I found this website called Make-a-Flake that lets you cut a virtual snowflake – warning, it’s kind of addicting!  Here are a couple flakes I just made:

Snowflake!Another snowflake!

I even designed some snowflakes using the program and then made paper versions to hang around my cube – I sketched the template from the cut screen on my folded paper and cut away.

The internet, where one can find a lot of odd everything, has supplied a couple of  snowflake options for nerdier/pop-culture types.  Being one of those types, I think the Yo(da)flake is my favorite. Or maybe Boba Fett.  Some templates are provided, which means I have found my lunchtime craft.

ETA:  Oh my gosh, you guys!  Here are the patterns for Star Wars  Snowflakes from Anthony Herrera Designs! 

But for tonight, I have Christmas gifts to sew.  I’m going to use noodlehead’s Gathered Clutch tutorial and add a wrist strap.  I got the clips today at lunch and the zippers over the weekend and the fabric will come from my scraps.   It’s been years since I sewed with a zipper, so here goes nothing!