Squares Plus Quilting

I’m quilting along on Squares Plus. I’m using a rounded squares pattern like this one on Mystery Bay Quilt Design (scroll down) and while I’ve never used this design to fill an entire quilt, I think it’s going well.

Squares Plus quilting

Except for the many skipped stitches. I’ve cleaned and oiled my sweet Juki, changed the needle, adjusted the settings, rethreaded, and the only thing I haven’t done is switched to a new spool of thread. I’m working with a brand new spool of Aurifil, and I’d really hate to think it was bad thread, but I’m running out of ideas. Any thoughts why this is happening? Can bulky seams sometimes cause skipped stitches?

In any case, skipped stitches or no, I’m hoping to finish this up by the end of September (because let’s face it, with other life changes happening around there, it won’t get done period if I don’t finish before then). For a little added incentive, I’m linking up with A Lovely Year of Finishes at Sew Bittersweet Designs.

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And oh hey, it’s WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!


4 thoughts on “Squares Plus Quilting

  1. I had to change a spool of thread once and it did the trick. You could always try and see. One teacher once told me to turn the spool around and rethread. If it turned out to be the spool, you could just use it for hand sewing the binding on…lots of binding. Hope that helps. Let me know.

  2. It could be the wee tiny tension screw in your bobbin case if you have one, a bobbin case that is, is loose. It’s late at night, I’m typing with one finger on my iPad so if you don’t get my drift write. Despite changing your needle it could have a slight burr on it which can cause a similar problem. If none of these then yes probably your thread. Are you using same top and bottom!

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