More Chuppah and Meadow

You guys, this second trimester stuff is great. The nausea is gone, I’m able to stay awake past Jeopardy, people give me seats on the train, and I barely dry heave at all! And best of all, the making-stuff mojo is in full swing, in order to finish a great pile of stuff before my life is turned upside down by the arrival of a small, tremendously dependent human. All that means that I have a lot of stuff nearing completion that I get to show off.

But first, the chuppah was a success! It did its chuppah thing during the ceremony and didn’t rip or blow away (my two biggest fears).

Chuppah at the Wedding

You can’t really see the top in that shot, but you can see that it worked as required.

I also finished my Meadow top. It’s gorgeous and I love it and it is huge and wonderful and I can’t help gushing about it. And did I mention it is huge? The top is approx. 86″ x 93″ (without quilting), which is a good size for our bed. I still love having the Neptune sampler on the bed, but it’s pretty much exactly the same size as the mattress. I’m a serial blanket stealer, so it invariably ends up on my side. I think a larger quilt will solve that problem.

Meadow Top

Meadow Top detail

As this one is huge, I’m planning on sending out to be longarmed as soon as I sew up the back.

I’m really thankful for this little window of maker mojo and I’m trying to make the most of it – I’ve finished a mini, have a baby quilt for a friend ready for binding, and have knit nearly 2 baby sweaters in the last few weeks. In addition, I’d like to make a quilt for the little guy before he comes.


5 thoughts on “More Chuppah and Meadow

  1. I’m pleased you’re feeling better Lucy. Are you going to go on a baby quilt rampage at some point? I’ve talked about this with my friends and they all said the time to do it was before. One of them made a ton before her son was born, and another one is advocating it because she’s been working on one (and alright, it involves a lot of embroidery) for nineteen years. I still haven’t decided what to do on that front yet.

    Your quilt top is gorgeous! I’ve found that when quilts are the same size as the bed they only work for one person – i.e. me. I really should get cracking on something I can share with my husband, shouldn’t I?

    • I’m not sure if I’ll go on a baby quilt rampage – I think what is more likely is to go on a baby knits rampage. I’ve knit him a sweater already and have another on the needles and a couple more planned. Babies go through a lot of outfits, right? I do want to make him one quilt now (and probably others when he’s old enough to have an opinion about color and pattern).

    • That sounds adorable! I started to learn how to knit last year, but we live in Nevada now, and there’s not a lot of need for it. I think I should take it up again anyway. Knitted things make lovely gifts. It’s just so hard to find the time.
      And you’re right, babies go through a lot of clothes! I think you’re on the right track here.

  2. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better AND feeling super productive! How awesome to have the chuppah work out so well, and the meadow quilt top looks great! My husband is pretty tall, so extra big quilts are a necessity for us (and also, I am a cover hog). Sounds like that quilt is going to work out well for you!

  3. Hooray for the 2nd trimester reprieve! I recently made a california king sized quilt for our twin bed, to solve the stealing problem 9I’m the thief). The huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge quilt has worked out well for us.

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