Sweet Red Bunting

First Christmas project finished, first gifted, second blogged about. Or something? In any case: Sweet Red Bunting is finished!

Sweet Red Bunting

I’ve had my eye on this little cardigan for a while, perhaps even before there was a sweet niece in existence. And it’s been so long since I’ve finished a knit project with a modicum of success. Like most of my knit projects lately, this one has had some ups and downs. Back in September, I CO using a completely different yarn – the lovely Dirty Water Dyeworks Bertha (hello 10% cashmere, I do love you). The swatch was just lovely and would also probably felt in a hot second when exposed to an infant. So Bertha is destined to be a Lucy sweater, not a niece sweater. WEBS provided a much more sensible niece sweater yarn (Berocco Comfort DK, machine wash and dry!) and I cast on on December 6th.

Sweet Red Bunting

All was gravy until I hit the bunting section. I’ve knit colorwork in the round before using the two-handed stranding technique, which works fine for knitting, but Sweet Bunting is knit flat. This means that at the end of the row, the work is turned and I had to purl back. Which required learning two new skills: two-handed purling and learning to purl Continental (I knit English).

Let’s just say that I was very, very dubious that the stranded section had the necessary stretch to fit. And then the shoulder portion looked far too long in my eyes. I tried to trust the pattern and I tried to remember that blocking cures a multitude of sins, but I still had many doubts.

Sweet Red Bunting

But it fit! And I consider this fact to be this year’s second Christmas miracle.


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