Adventures with Hat

I made a hat two weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about this hat for many years, since I don’t usually knit hats for myself, as I have the unfortunate tendency to look about twelve years old in most hats. But this hat, made from a gorgeous See Jayne Knit handspun bulky single languishing in my stash for nearly 5 years, would be different. It would envelop my face in a slouchy, wooly embrace and make me look cool and artsy and not at all like a mushroom.

Handspun BFL

After one or two false starts, I settled on a version of the
Zombie Killer Slouch by Luciana Young. And by “version” I mean that I skimmed the pattern and the stitch counts, cast on, and then did my own thing from there. And last Friday, I cast off just before my Father-in-law arrived to whisk my husband and I off to the airport on an adventure.

You see, I needed a new hat because I went to Iceland. In November. When the average temperature is in the 40s* and the weather report says rain. And it doesn’t get light until 10 AM and it gets dark at 5 PM. A new hat is needed for these conditions.


The hat proved itself to be an excellent travel companion. It was perky and bright on the first morning in Reykjavik, where we wandered the empty city in near-darkness, fueled by coffee.

Sun Voyager

It provided a shield from waterfall mist and kept me warm and mostly dry.


Even when we went behind a waterfall.

Behind Seljalandsfoss

The hat very much enjoyed seeing a geyser and hot springs.


And enjoyed wistfully staring out to sea.


Grotta Lighthouse

The hat feared being felted, so merely observed the Blue Lagoon from a safe distance.

Blue Lagoon

The hat even got to see two shooting stars and the Northern Lights! (And yes, that is me and the hat in the foreground! Thanks to tour guide Helgi at Reykjavik Excursions!)

Northern Lights

The trip was capped off (oh ho ho, throwing a little pun in there) by a visit to the Giantess in the Mountain.

Giantess in the Mountain

All in all, the hat and I had a truly marvelous trip to Iceland and we’re hoping to return some day!

(But please don’t tell hat that I’m hoping to return in the summer!)

*Truthfully, the weather in Iceland was warmer than the weather in Boston during our trip.


2 thoughts on “Adventures with Hat

    • I didn’t know the Amazing Race went there, thanks for letting me know! I’d be curious to see what they did; I’ll have to google the episode(s).

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