Aeroplane Bag

I’ve been drooling over Quilt As You Go (QAYG) bags for a while now. I love the ability to use scraps and bits of favorites and to frame motifs within the larger patchwork. I also need a weekend getaway bag. I’ve been using either a backpack or an open tote bag, which works but isn’t… cute. And with the open tote, has the possibility of tipping over and spilling my clean underwear all over the trunk. So a small, zippered something was needed.

Enter the Aeroplane Bag from Sew Sweetness. I like its domed shape, size, and that it requires no piping. I gathered scraps and quilted them directly on to the Soft and Stable top pieces using Elizabeth Hartman’s technique . I got to use pieces of my favorite lines: a fox here, a raccoon there, an octopus in the corner. Unable to decide on warm or cool colors, I went with all of them, with Kona Shale as the bottom and straps to tone things down.

QAYG Aeroplane Bag panel

So far, I’ve made the top and bottom panels and the straps.

QAYG Aeroplane Bag panel

I’m hoping to have this bag finished by this weekend and have made it my October ALOYF goal! It is also what I’m working on today for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

A Lovely Year of Finishes


4 thoughts on “Aeroplane Bag

  1. Nice! I love the different color on each side! I’m getting into a bag making kick I just made a bunch of pouches so that was me easing into it – I want to try her Aragon pattern which has a million pockets. I hear her patterns are really simple though! Did you see see she (at Sew Sweetness) was recommending using Pellon SF101 plus the cotton batting for extra sturdiness with quilting as you go? I am very interested in trying that as I feel my bags I make using just cotton batting aren’t that stiff, though, I do think the effect is really pretty.

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