Wee Mug Rug

I hope this isn’t a spoiler. Emily, if you haven’t received something from me recently, look away! Last week was my friend Emily’s birthday. Emily and I lived on the same floor in college freshmen year and her now-husband Brian lived on the men’s side of the building. We also lived in the same apartment senior year. Each of the 6 of us made dinner for the rest one night a week (with a forage day on Friday) and everyone present in the apartment (including friends, boyfriends, random classmates, etc.) got fed at dinnertime. It worked out well for all of us, and it was a happy year for the most part. Since college, Emily has started up the food blog Relishments. I appreciate her sense of humor, sensibleness, and friendship over the last decade. I’ve also been inspired by her success with blogging.

Mug rug

Last month, Brian reached out to me on FB to send a little something her way for her birthday. Emily likes tea (and has several (?) drawers full), so I made this little mug rug in some cheery colors using the Mini Dresden Plate pattern by elegantitus purchased on Craftsy. Feeling meta, I used a Melody Miller teacup for the Dresden center.

Mug Rug

Action shot at my desk at work!

Mug Rug

There’s a wee bunny on the back.

Back of Mug Rug

This was my very first Dresden and I may have to make more because it was pretty cute.

Happy Birthday, Emily!


2 thoughts on “Wee Mug Rug

  1. Not a spoiler! Your mug rug was one of the items I got to open on my actual birthday. But you wouldn’t know that because I’ve been super lazy about posting to Facebook. But thank you! It’s adorable and I know it’ll get a lot of use. My parents were really impressed with it. Thanks for being part of my birthday celebration!

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