Foxy Quilting

One of my favorite parts of a day is sitting down to this:

Quilting Fields of Foxes

Fields of Foxes is nearly quilted with spirals and I’m really loving this pattern and quilt and thread (Aurifil 50 wt in Butter, yes I indeed splurged) combination.

Quilting spirals on Fields of Foxes

I like piecing and ironing and figuring out a pattern, but there’s just something lovely and meditative for me about free motion quilting, when one’s hands and foot are moving in harmony.* There’s a freedom in fitting each individual spiral exactly where it needs to go in relation to every other spiral, and a joy in stitching a perfect center point. They remind me of ocean waves or of roses or pearls.

Of course, all this is Best Case Scenario business. There are skipped stitches, and weird zaggy lines, and non-air conditioned workspaces made stifling by being draped with quilt. Usually, I have the windows open while I sew, but last night, my neighbors were throwing a loud and epic beer pong party. I maintain that when you can clearly hear every conversation and are starting to learn the names of all in attendance through closed windows AND over a sewing machine and an episode of Amazing Race, it’s a loud party.

In any case, hopefully this one will be done after one more night of quilting! Linking up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced – she’s giving away a FQ bundle this week!


11 thoughts on “Foxy Quilting

  1. I get the same satisfaction from hand quilting, though it takes ages and there’s no machine noise to combat noisy neighbours!. I love your spirals and the colours in your quilt.

  2. Looks great! I’m still searching for that sort of meditative state in my FMQ, but I’m hoping I’ll get there soon. I have all the materials to make this top, but unfortunately, it’s on hold, and will likely be completed about 50 years after Tula Pink becomes no longer relevant. Congrats on getting yours done so quickly!

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors and it will look so lovely when you finish it. At least you have the sewing machine and the Amazing Race to drown out your neighbors!

  4. Looking good. I love the colours. Not long before you can snuggle up. Don’t worry about the neighbours, think about what you will have achieved and that great feeling and their woolly heads from their beer pong party. Happy Quilting.

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