Requilting Success!

Requilting Foxes Out My Window was a success!

Foxes Out My Window requilted!

Here’s the process I used:
1. Remove binding with seam ripper, trim off really long scraggly frayed threads, iron with gusto, and stick it in the closet for storage.
2. Pick out quilting from a 1.5′ x 1.5′ section, working from the center outwards.
3. Dampen quilt with water and iron.
4. Requilt with chosen pattern (In this case, stipple)
5. Realize that ironing the quilt doesn’t really do much and may in fact cause some puckers.
6. Repeat steps 2 and 4 until quilt is fully quilted.
7. Reattach binding.
8. Snuggle with newly requilted quilt.

Foxes Out My Window back

Picking out the quilting from only a small space at a time kept the layers together properly. It was a little time-consuming to have to keep pulling the quilt out of my machine to unpick stitches, but I’m happy with the overall product. There were also a lot of ends to tie and bury from all the stating and stopping.

Foxes out my Window back detail

All the quilting and unpicking and requilting left this quilt with a really soft, crinkly texture. I haven’t yet washed it, but I’m hoping the holes left from the stitch unpicking will fade. In the meantime, my husband told me that “the light through the old quilting holes looks like constellations.”


Also, I don’t think I ever took a picture of the completed quilt, way back two summers ago. And I’m certain I never had a shot of the back. I’m thankful for my nice husband for helping me document this one!

Finishing this was on of my Q2 Finish Along goals at The Littlest Thistle! Hooray!


3 thoughts on “Requilting Success!

  1. I like your description of your process – only un-stitching an area at a time makes a lot of sense. I’m so glad it worked out well for you and you are enjoying snuggling under it! Yay!

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