Sock Musing and Fabric Choosing

After finishing my Rye socks, I waned to knit something else with my handspun. I grabbed a 2-ply skein made from a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep to Shoe kit in Christmas Balls, spun a way long time ago.

Here’s the fiber, which I think I got sometime in 2010.
Sheep 2 Shoe!

And here’s the skein.
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe Kit

Ravelry tells me that this skein is 304 yards, which may not be enough to make a full pair of socks. I split it evenly and started knitting a pair of simple toe-up socks.

Handspun toe-up socks

That toe may not look like much, but I’ve knit it three times already. The first two times felt too big, but the stitch count was still smaller than I usually knit, but I’m concerned about running out of yarn. Another option is to knit the toes and heels out of a contrasting color. I should probably bite the bullet and just do that already.

In quilty WIPs, I figured out fabric counts for my Tula Pink Fox Fields quilt. The pattern is Fox Tails, a tutorial from Craftsy, and it is exactly what I want to sew right now – bold colors and diamond pattern. I’m planning on at least two more diamond/triangle quilts in the near future, so watch out!

Strips of Fox Field

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5 thoughts on “Sock Musing and Fabric Choosing

  1. Those yarns are GORGEOUS! I am amazed by you knitty folks — sewing a quilt from cut up fabric is one thing, but creating socks, scarves and sweaters from a ball of yarn seems magical to me. Your fabrics look lovely, BTW. Are you using jelly roll precuts or did you cut them yourself with a pinking rotary blade?

    • Thank you! I got into spinning because I loved the look of knitting with handspun – I’m a total process knitter. I’m using jelly rolls for this quilt and it’s the first time I’ve used them! They’re so easy and also leave little bits of thread everywhere.

    • Knitting with my handspun is the only way I get to see it – I usually keep it in a bin in the back of my closet! Perhaps I should keep more of my stash out – I think that would inspire me.

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