Ironing Board Cover

A couple weeks ago, I started noticing how gross my ironing board cover was getting. I’ve had the board since college; I believe it was a cheapo Target find. It’s moved from dorm to apartment, shoved under beds and in closets, and hung out next to a perpetually open window on a busy road for a couple summers.

Old ironing board cover

It’s stained, faded, and I never liked the fabric to begin with. I tried washing the cover a couple of weeks ago, which helped with the dirty factor, but I couldn’t get the foam seated to my satisfaction.

Several weeks ago, Rachel at Stitched in Color posted on refurbishing her ironing board and linked to her brief tutorial here. This idea has been percolating in the back of my mind until finally I decided to take the plunge. I picked out a old and fraying sacrificial towel, ordered a whack of Dowry Twill Bouquet in Navy, and got to it last night when the fabric arrived.

Nice, new ironing board cover

Nice, right? I didn’t trace anything, just laid out the towel and cut 1.5″ away from the edge around the board, and then laid out the fabric and cut 3″ away from the edge.

Drawstring casing with felled seam

I had a length of bias tape in my stash, which I attached with a felled seam. The bias tape made a nice drawstring casing, through which I ran a length of cord. I didn’t staple the cover to my board because I like the idea of being able to remove it for washing and also because I don’t own a staple gun. Here’s how it looks from the back side.

Back side of drawstring casing, old towel as pad

The cord cinches the cover on tightly, but when I want to wash the towel and the cover, it will be easy to remove.

Drawstring casing

From start to finish, this took about three RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes (what’s that, a little over 2 hours?). And when my husband saw it this morning and I told him that I had made it last night, his response was, “Wow, you made that?”

Here’s to a spoosh of spring sprucing of my sewing space! And to sibilant sentences! What are you doing to spruce your space for spring?


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