Actual Quilting!

If you are my sweet sister-in-law, stop reading this now. Or close your eyes. Or prepare yourself for SPOILERS.

Having a date when things need to be done usually spurs me to action, and finishing the Triangle Constellations quilt has been no different. Once I learned the date of the shower for my sweet SIL and future niece , and realized that it was nearly halfway through the month, I turned on the Olympics and leaped into action. I finished the back and cut binding, basted, embroidered a little (secret) monogram, and then it was time to quilt.

Quilting Constellations

I may have been a bit hesitant about the actual quilting but Juki. Oh my goodness, it quilts like a dream. I got set up, screwed in the FMQ foot, installed a heftier needle, and just dove right in.

Quilting Constellations

I’m still getting used to where to place my hands on the quilt to steer it and how fast to sew, but the finished product is looking so nice. I’m doing a large meandering stipple with a few loopdeloops and I’m about a quarter done.

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