More Blue Socks

I am exhausted.  Family is in town (from the other side of the world, the land down under), and we’ve spent the last two days driving, seeing, touring, talking.

Porthos Toes

It was lovely, lovely time but I’m done in.  Husband and I (two introverts) barely said a word on the car ride home and as soon as we dropped our bags, he went out to run errands (man quiet time) and I put on PJs and a bathroom, put on my autumn mix of Hem and Alexi Murdoch (Lucy quiet time).

Porthos Socks

Before that, I finished the Blue Musketeer Socks. I just flew down the last sock, sped along by knitting in class and a long Sox game. I knit the 80 stitch size, because despite the small feet of the recipient, they may shrink a bit and I want to make sure she gets a lot of wear from them.

Porthos Socks

They’re really blue.

Finished Porthos Socks

Really, really blue. So blue that I need a break from blue, what with all the blue socks I’ve knit lately (with lately being defined as within the last 13 months).

So I did the only sensible thing, which was to cast on a pair of green socks. Green and blue are very different, right?

Ball & Skein Weatherfield


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