To Vermont

Two weekends ago, Husband and I went up to Vermont. The leaves were turning orange and the air was crisp.

Indian Head

We drove all over the state and he shared some of his favorite places with me – the Miss Lyndonville diner, the family plot at the old cemetery, the Spiderweb Farm. We sampled cheese and ice cream and cider, looked at antiques, cruised Lake Champlain, pet the B&B’s resident Westie, and got to spend the long, unbroken time with each other.

1. Miss Lyndonville Mug, 2. Lake Champlain, 3. Cabot Cheeses

On Sunday, we went to the Vermont Sheep & Wool. Really, this was the reason we went that weekend instead of in February for our anniversary (also, it is cold and snowy in Vermont in February). C does not yet know the trick of buying something now and putting it away for Christmas, so I had to show him how it was done. We also saw some prizewinning cashmere goats, met a genial alpaca, and C learned to knit. Wonder of all wonders!

1. VT Sheep & Wool, 2. Alpaca friend, 3. VT Sheep & Wool Loot

It was a lovely trip. and I’m looking forward to spending more time in Vermont in years to come.


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