Garden Path is All Spun Up

Football season is here. My husband is very excited about this. His fantasy team played their first game the other night, and he won by the thinnest of margins. He knows all the rules and strategies and stats and cheers heartily whenever anything happens. I’m on the other end of the spectrum – last Sunday, he gave a big cheer, and I innocently asked (and I quote) if “someone had kicked something through the Superbowl net.” AKA the goalposts. And while I don’t enjoy football much, I got to spin for quite a while this weekend (and on Monday, hello American Ninja Warriors and your insane amounts of upper body strength), finishing turning this:

Garden Path BFL/silk topPhoto courtesy of Inglenook Fibers

Garden Path superwash wool/cashmere/nylon top.  Photo courtesy of Inglenook Fibers

into this:

Inglenook Fibers Garden Path

This fiber. Oh my gosh, what a dream to work with. It’s a merino/cashmere/nylon blend from Inglenook Fibers, colorway Garden Path II. The fiber was so soft and light and it drafted very easily. After spinning the single, I chain-plied it (with only a few moments of thumbs akimbo, as I tried to dredge up plying muscle memory from the last time I spun).

Inglenook Fibers Garden Path

The finished product is 493 yards (ish – it was stretched over my swift when I counted) of thin fingering. Like really thin – I haven’t measured WPI yet, but it was visibly thinner than the sock yarn I’m currently knitting up. I’ll update its Ravelry page when I have WPI. This is the longest 3-ply I’ve ever spun and I’m looking forward to working with it further!


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