QAYG Christmas Stockings and Spinning

Happy September! Happy Wednesday after Labor Day! I hope those of you who had the day off from work on Monday had a lovely, restful day. Husband and I mostly stayed home (except for an outing to church and to check on his brother & sister’s kitties while they were away) and read and played games and cooked things and ate things. After a moderately stressful week at work, it was nice to bum around in yoga pants and listen to the rain (did I mention that it rained off and on all weekend?).

I’ve been wanting to make a pair of quilt-as-you-go Christmas stockings (tutorial from imagine gnats) for C and I to hang on our speakers near the TV with care, come the holiday season. I pulled Laurie Wisbrun’s Brrr! holiday polar bear line yesterday, along with some leftover batting, and began!

Stocking Stack

I love the polar bear holding the flower. He’s my favorite.

Stocking Stack

I cut stocking shapes from the batting and the lining fabric and strips for the fronts. I decided to spray baste the lining fabric to the batting, as when I tried to QAYG with one layer of fabric and batting, my machine started to eat the batting. No bueno. I stitched two rows of the first strip to the batting-lining fabric combination and noticed that my lines of quilting were causing the fabric to ripple a bit.

Two rows of QAYG Christmas Stocking

So I decided to think on it a bit and broke out my spinning wheel.

Monday Spinning

The fiber is a BFL/cashmere blend from Inglenook Fibers (no pic of the fiber – I’ll try to get one tonight)and it is so soft and easy to spin. I started spinning it back in April and am trying to finish it up this week. Once I have a bobbin full of single, I’m going to n-ply it back on itself to not muddle the colors.

I’m feeling all crafty and maker-y now that (at least in this part of the world), the air is getting crisper and fall is approaching. I love this time of year – I always argue with myself about if spring or fall is really, truly my favorite time of the year. Fall makes me want to wear boots and scarves and drink apple cider and take long walks. And knit. And spin. And sew. Hooray!

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9 thoughts on “QAYG Christmas Stockings and Spinning

  1. Yeah, spinning! I broke out my wheel this week too – then discovered that my bobbin of singles had been destroyed by storing too close to the heater. :( Oh well, I know just get to spin more singles!! Love your colors

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