Knitting Decreases

Sock knitting, especially when the socks in question are my pair of endless blue squiddy sockies, doesn’t make for particularly interesting blogging. Over the course of several weeks, it would be like, “oh look, here’s a cuff. and now there’s a heel turn. A whole sock! Another cuff! Turning the heel! This foot is taking forever.” I feel like I say that a lot – this whatever takes a long time for me and thus I don’t have much to write about. Unlike the nights in Oklahoma when, depressed out of my skull and knitting to stay sane, I could bang out a pair in two weeks, knitting moves slowly these days. It’s weird to say that I’m thankful for less time to participate in a craft I love, but I truly am, as the decrease in knitting is due to meaningful work and relationships.

Blue Squiddy Socks

Shoegazing! Or navelgazing! Gazing at something! Anyway, I meant to merely stick up a picture of an almost done pair of blue socks and write a blip about how I cast on for these way back in January and here they still are, on my needles.

Blue Squiddy Socks

I like this pattern a lot. It is stretchy and visually interesting, but unlike many, many other patterns, I have found it very difficult to memorize. The squids are five rounds long, and I always have to count to see where I am in the pattern. I want to knit something with an intuitive, easy to memorize repeat. Perhaps Aramis by Caoua Coffee or Anne Hanson’s Almondine. Suggestions?

Here’s a big part of that decrease in knitting time:


Superhusband got his Superman For All Seasons book signed by favorite artist Tim Sale at Boston Comic Con two weekends ago. Yeah, it was adorable.


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