Yet Another Sugar Block

Not a lot of new sewing going on here, just one more Sugar Block.

Sugar Block: July

I swear that those outer triangles are a bright purple, but the light wasn’t great when I snapped this shot this morning. Oh well. I’ll try to get a shot of all of the completed blocks together sometime soon.

I also finished the one blue sock. No photo evidence of that yet, because I need to kitchener up the toe. But I do have about an inch and a half of the second sock done. Progress!

The reason for this dearth of crafty business is the weekend getaway to the Cape that Husband and I took. We got in some much needed beach and baseball, ate at a pseudo-British pub, saw a pretty garden, and stayed at a bnb that was entirely too fancy. We had a canopy bed, yo. And there were doilies on all surfaces available to doily! I could have stayed there forever.

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