Four Sugar Blocks

When my husband and I got married and moved in together, I had a dream to make a giant quilt for our bed.  Right now, we have comforters from his bachelor days, which are serviceable, practical, and warm.  But they are definitely Man Bedding – old, a bit dingy, and in uninteresting colors.  I love how our bedroom is coming together with matching furniture (a first in my life, I think), paintings and photos on the walls, but I think the bedding could use an upgrade.

I joined Amy’s Sugar Block Club at the end of last year.  I got the fabric I needed (a Kona Poseidon bundle and pops of yellow, hot pink, and purple Kona) and planned out the additional blocks I wanted for the top, to make it square, to fit on the bed.  And then months passed.

A couple weeks ago I got out the Poseidon stack to make my To Boston with Love flag, which reminded me how nice it was and how nice it would be to begin working on the blocks.  The stack sat on my ironing board for a few more days, until  my husband noticed it and inquired about its use.  I told him the plan, and showed him a couple blocks.  He took a long look at it, and then pronounced that it would be very nice.

So I started cutting, and sewed up four blocks in a week.  Clockwise from top right: May, January, February, and June.

Sugar Blocks so far

I made February’s North Star block first because I thought it would be the easiest.  Unfortunately, my templates didn’t print to the right size and the colors don’t coordinate and pop like I wanted.  So at some point, I’m going to pick new colors and reprint the templates correctly and remake that one.

Sugar Block: February

The other three came together better, especially since I am now checking that I have the correct size component blocks before I sew everything together.

Sugar Block: January

Sugar Block: May

Sugar Block: June

I’m enjoying seeing this come together.  Somehow I can’t believe that it will be January before it is on our bed!

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4 thoughts on “Four Sugar Blocks

  1. I think I like the May one best. (Even your one with the misaligned template doesn’t look half bad–are you going to unpick it, or save it for the back?) Good for you for making a bed quilt, and in husband-approved colors, too! We are still sleeping under a Pottery Barn special, mostly because I was dopey and decided that I HAVE to have a Feather Bed quilt for our queen-sized bed. Yeah that’ll only take me 30 years to make. :)

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