Thoughts on Boston and Spring Stripes Quilt

First: I live about 12 miles from Boston and the events of this past week have in many ways seemed surreal.  Four days before the Marathon, I had met a friend for dinner and afterwards, checked out the barriers and walked under the stands to get to the T stop that would take me home.  It was difficult and frightening to see the images of a city I love so fiercely and my thoughts and prayers are with those directly affected and with my urban tribe of Boston-area dwellers.

Things from last week are lodging themselves in my memory.  The relief in my dad’s voice on the phone when I told him that I didn’t have off that day and had spent the day in my cubicle, not in the city.   The tense readiness in my husband’s voice when he called, an hour after the explosions, to tell me that he was heading in to work at MGH. Texts telling me to stay strong from my SIL.

I am thankful for Emily‘s link to Adam Robert’s “Why The Small Things Still Matter” because it reminds me that there is always a place for quilts and yarn, braised pork loins, board games, conversations with old friends, and the quotidian small joys of life with my husband.

In any case, I finished these quilt tops from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo fabric line about a year ago and since then, they’ve languished in the closet.   Last weekend, I took a spur-of-the-moment trip out to the Berkshires to visit some friends who are both pregnant and moving away and I wanted to bring something handmade.  Babies need quilts, right?

Spring Stripes I quilt

The back is very simple (so simple that I forgot to snap a photograph) – a stripe of blue calico between panels of a grey floral print.  I quilted it with a loose meandering stipple and tried a new-to-me method of machine binding (as opposed to sewing the binding on by hand) which was so quick and easy it will probably become my preferred method of binding.  And shazam: finished quilt!

Spring Stripes I quilt

I’m calling it Spring Stripes I (II is still only a top but I have the backing fabric all thought out).

Spring Stripes I quilt

And I still had time on Sunday to finish the front and back of another project! My goal is to get to the long arm studio to finish this one up by the end of the month.



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