Petite Pachyderms!

I did do a wee bit of sewing, mostly in the snowy days of February. We had a couple big storms come through (Nemo, I’m looking at you), that allowed me to be very productive at home. I decided in the weeks before the Big W to sew stuffed toys for the babies/future babies in attendance.

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Little Rhino! By Justine Johnson Photography

The patterns are by Mariska Vos-Bolman, purchased through her Etsy shop, DIY Fluffies. I’ve never sewn stuffed toys before, so there were a few fiddly moments of having to take out or resew pieces so I could turn them right side out. And then stuffing them took just about as long as the actual sewing.

Petite Pachyderm

But the final product is pretty darn cute. I had two elephants, one rhino, and one hippo that would have become a rhino had I not run out of time on Saturday morning and had to run off TO GET MARRIED. (I was seeing said baby-having friends at the wedding and wanted to give the animals to them then.)

A pair of petite pachyderms!

Each stuffed animal took slightly less than 1/2 a yard of fabric for the body and maybe an 1/8 for the contrast bits. I used several Denyse Schmidt prints from my stash. And really, the result is pretty fantastic!

More petite pachyderms

There are a few more future babies out there and I’m looking forward to sewing a few more of these petite pachyderms!

Clementine and Rooibus, courtesy of Meg Walker



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