So I knit another Octopus.

This is no ordinary octopus. This octopus is a gift to my certain somebody, my less-than-30-days-from-being-my-husband man. Knitting comes up in our conversations sometimes, and I always offer to knit him something practical. A hat, or socks, or gloves most often, because he is often scandalously under-dressed (not even a scarf!) for this winter weather. But whenever I make these noises, he tells me that all he wants is an octopus.

Well, sir, if it an octopus you want, an octopus you shall get.


Made entirely from yarn leftover from other projects and the pipe cleaners I was amazed to find in my pre-moving, pre-wedding jumble, he is eight arms of octo-awesome.

Deets about yarn and needles and pattern is on the Ravelry project page.


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