Birds of a Feather Pillows

Unlike last year, I didn’t hand-make many Christmas gifts. Truth be told, my maker energy has been channeled elsewhere (wedding, non-blogworthy cooking). Times and seasons, right?

But when L mentioned that she wanted some new couch cushions, that was something I knew I could do! I used blue scraps from the On a Whim quilt I made for her wedding. She sort of has a bird theme going in the apartment she shares with her new husband. I’ve loved the Circle of Geese block for a while – it is so clean and crisp and I knew that would be the top of the first pillow.

Flock of Geese

Flock of Geese pillow

I quilted the top with a simple circle(ish) around the geese and then with a curving stipple on the outside of the geese. I also realize that I used two different colors of cream fabric, but I didn’t want to buy anything new for these pillows. I think it adds a nice frame effect.

For the second pillow, I was inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s Feather Bed Quilt but drafted my own feathers based on her instructions to fit the pillows L chose. I ended up using a modified paper-piecing method, which worked fairly well with some trial and error and seam ripping. This one was quilted with straight lines (yay walking foot!) around the feathers.

Feathers pillow

The pillow backs are whole pieces of Lizzy House’s Outfoxed fabric. I’ve been hoarding a yard of this for a while, waiting for a suitable project. The backs are simple envelope closures for ease in removing the pillows. I knew that L loved this fabric, so when the opportunity arose, I used it! In fact, I sort of think that L likes the backs better than the front – she was so excited to see the fox fabric.

Pillow backs

Hope your 2013 is looking bright!


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