The Twenty-third Day of Christmas Music: Sleigh Ride

I spend a lot of time in my car during the holidays. Trips to parties, out shopping, up to NH to visit family and friends. And of course, my normal commute to and from work every day, mostly in traffic. Mostly, it’s the usual: humming, paying attention to the road, glowering blackly when drivers are a little too aggressive or all up in my back bumper for my tastes, singing along with whatever is on the radio. You know.

But when one song comes on this time of year, I perk up. The bells! The woodblock! The trumpet that whinnies like a horse! The snap of an imaginary whip! Confession: I have a little bop I do whenever I hear Sleigh Ride, because I truly imagine myself not locked in 5-mile-an-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic on 95 north but wrapped in blankets and wearing smart gloves driving a sleigh pulled by a pair of prancing brown Morgans through some winter wonderland. Because evidently in my fantasy, I am Laura Ingalls Wilder during These Happy Golden Years.

Anyway, Sleigh Ride as performed by the Boston Pops is a classic; I hope you too will bop along whenever you hear it.


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