The Fifteenth Day of Christmas: Frightened Rabbit

While I think I discovered Frightened Rabbit sometime in grad school, it wasn’t until last winter that I started listening to them all the time. At the time, The Midnight Organ Fight was on fairly constant rotation at work. Something about lead singer Scott Hutchison’s voice resonated with me. He sounds raw and exposed. The music is driving and has a melancholy edge to it. And that suited me just fine. I was going through a low patch and Midnight Organ Fight sounded like the music I wanted to hear.

There’s nothing sweet or sparkly or really festive about It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop, but the Christmas season sometimes contains difficulty, pain, old and new hurt. For me, this serves to reinforce the idea of Emmanuel, God With Us. Not Jesus the tiny baby in the manger, but Jesus the Man of Constant Sorrow, who knows pain and loneliness, who was forgotten and betrayed, but who extends hope and the promise that all will be well.


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