One Blue Sock

One of the reasons for all this Christmas music was to give me blog fodder in the period before Christmas. There’s a lot of craftyness going on behind the scenes but its mostly in bits and pieces.

Case in point: one blue sock!

One Blue Sock

The pattern is Marilinda by Cookie A and I’ve literally been trying to knit these socks since before Mother’s Day.

That’s right, these were supposed to be a Mother’s Day gift.

I did have some pattern difficulties. They’re for my mom, and she likes socks to be stretchy. The first two patterns I started were both way, way too small. Sadly. And then I remembered Marilinda, which seemed perfect, and this sock was knit in about a week. And there’s two inches of the second sock! I’m hopeful that they’ll be done by Christmas.

In other crafty business, I’m working on four pillows and one quilt and undisclosed something. I’ve made a spreadsheet with dates by which things need to be done and I am hopeful.

What are you hoping to finish before Christmas?


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