The Eleventh Day of Christmas Music: Mitch Miller and the Gang

Growing up, my parents had a big stereo. On the top was a record player and our TV stand, instead of housing game consoles or videos, housed stacks of records. Most of them were classical: Mozart and Bach, opera, Beethoven, and several of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas. There was also a Temptations album my mom borrowed from her brother in her teenage years, which I discovered as a preteen and adored. There were also two albums deemed Christmas Music: The Nutcracker Suite and One of the few non-classical records was Mitch Miller and the Gang’s Holiday Sing-Along. Released sometime in the 60s, the record is Mitch singing Christmas favorites backed up by a passel of children. “Must Be Santa” is one of the more memorable tracks on the album – I was always impressed with that one girl with the brassy voice in the background who just wants to be heard.


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