The Eighth Day of Christmas Music: The Nutcracker

When I was little, my parents once took me to the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker. As a kid, this was a Big Deal. We got to go into Boston, which we did only on Special Occasions. I got to dress up and stay out late and be with other fancy dressed-up people in a fancy place. The Nutcracker used to be held in the Wang Theater, and I was so excited to climb up the elegant stairs, find our plush seats, and wait for the curtain to go up. There was (and somewhat still is) a special something about ballet. The way the dancers move so gracefully across the stage, the flying leaps and dizzying twirls. I loved the magic of it all: the fancy theater, the expensive-smelling perfumes of the dressy ladies, the growing tree, the snowflakes drifting onto the stage.

Because I don’t particularly want to post the entire ballet, here’s the Brian Setzer Orchestra doing a swingy version of the Nutcracker Suite!


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