The First Day of Christmas Music: Tiny Christmas Tree

A couple weeks ago, a friend invited another friend and I down to the South Shore for a girls’ weekend. Friday night, A and I drove down and met L at Ikea in Stoughton for some pre-Christmas shopping. Near the checkout, Ikea has a whole section of Nordic and flat-pack inspired holiday stuff (Figure 1: cardboard Christmas tree). I spied this tiny plastic tree in a little pot and was overcome with the holiday spirit.

There also seems to be a lot of hope and happy floating around within my circle of friends. This is the first year that I will have a fiance around for Christmas and I’m looking forward to spending festive time with him. There have also been some recent happy life events and others are looking forward to future happy life events. There’s a lot to celebrate this year.

So I bought the tiny fake Christmas tree at Ikea and took it to my man’s little condo, and we strung it with tiny lights and a couple of ornaments last weekend. We’ve lined up some parties and pagents and services and events and we’re ready to enjoy the heck out of the next month!

We’re kicking off the 24 Days of Christmas Music with Guster’s Tiny Christmas Tree. It is a fun anthem for those of us who celebrate the Christmas Season in small spaces.



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