Polar Bear Potholders!

Last week, I posted a sneek peek of an adorable polar bear.  Ready to see the finished project?

Polar Bear Potholders

Polar bear potholders! Originally, I was going to make a pillow for the Banditos Misteriosos holiday swap, but I knew that there’s often an equal ratio of menfolk to womenfolk present and I wanted something that would be both cute and useful. And everybody uses potholders, right? Removing hot things from the oven?

I had a vague recollection of a potholder I pinned a while back, which I used as inspiration and went from there. There’s actually a tutorial on During Quiet Time, but I did my own thing. I started with 9″ squares of grey and red fabric, with a layer of Insulbright and batting sandwiched between.

The fabric I used, Brrr! by Laurie Wisbrun, has a couple patterns that are cute things in circles. I snipped out a couple of those and figured out how ‘d like to place them. I then appliqued the narrow red strips on.

Polar Bear Potholder


Next, I spray basted the four layers together and then quilted the potholders with narrow lines. Then I stuck on the circles and appliqued them on as well. Lastly, I bound the potholders with cheery turquoise and added the little loops.

Potholder backs

We had a little hiccup on the way to the swap. Two friends and I were having a girls weekend down on the South Shore. We had a lovely, leisurely breakfast and got ready to go to the swap. A suggested that I check the time and place once more and when I did, I noticed that the starting time was noon. And it was 11:10 AM. Cue hectic running around, scrambling out the door, speeding up the highway into Boston, worrying about finding parking, getting stuck in traffic, finding a miracle parking space right next to the location, feeding the meeter, and sprinting across the field to the event. We got there late but they hadn’t started swapping yet, so we were fine! I ended up with a sweet stained glass orb and we met some fantastic people.

If you’re ever in Boston for a Banditos event, I highly suggest going. I’ve been to a few over the years and they’re always so much fun!

I’ve been nursing a cold for the past few days and I think I’m managing to shake it. I just ate a giant bowl of chicken noodle soup (made from this Smitten Kitchen recipe with the addition of garlic and ginger into the broth – YUM) and I’ve baked cookies for tomorrow’s feast and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family!


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