Cardinal Pillow

A while back, my mom bought some new patio furniture and I promised her a set of quilty pillows. I finished one back in June and look! Here’s pillow number two!

Cardinal pillow

Again, I used a paper piecing template from Liljabs for the cardinal. The original pattern is for the Cardinals baseball team and the bird is perched on a baseball bat. My parents aren’t really sports-following folk, so I edited out the “bat” parts of the pattern.

I was hoping to add a pieced border like on the first pillow, but I ran out of steam and scraps. And I like how simple it is – the two pillows complement each other.

And I foresee a lot of pillows in my future! I’m hoping to make one for the Banditos Misteriosos swap this weekend (Good idea? Not good idea?) and I’d like to finish the other two for my parents by Christmas. Time to ramp up the quilty time!


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