Look! I finished a pair of plain, plain, simple socks! And they only took me seven months!

Stripey Socks

The yarn is String Theory Colorworks Continuum Self Striping, which is a mouthful. All the colorways of this yarn are named after science terms. One can knit projects with colors inspired by the Orion Nebula, Sombrero Galaxy, Beta-Alanine, and RuBisCo. The colorway of my yarn was Large Hadron Collider, which a nice person on Ravelry traded to me for a big bag of sock yarn scraps. Knitters are by and large lovely people.

Stripey Socks

Really, a pair of socks shouldn’t take me seven months. Admittedly, the time I spent watching Netflix and knitting has drastically decreased. And suddenly, there’s this fiancee in my life who sometimes doesn’t appreciate getting nudged in the side every few moments while we’re watching Arrested Development.

Stripey Socks

But they’re done and just in time for fall. Huzzah for crisp weather that encourages the wearing of warm socks!

Stats and info on Ravelry here


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