Musings, Plannings

When I started this blog, last December, I decided on the name because it was nondescript.  My name is Lucy and I like to make things.  Pretty straightforward.  And the things I make encompasses all sorts of stuff: food, knitted accessories, quilts.  Sometimes I write about epic adventures.  Sometimes I post about what I’m reading on the internet, or what I’m listening to, or a gif or joke or something I find funny.

But what happens when I’m not making things?  What happens when the happy and the busy of life means that I don’t have time for crafting?  What happens when Lucy isn’t making things?  Or at least, not making particularly tangible things ripe for showing off online?

I never meant nor wanted this space to be a diary of my activities or internal monologue.  I’ve had those kind of blogs before (see: my teenage OpenDiary and to some extent, my college blogs).  But the older I get, the more open I am about my doings and thoughts with the actual people present in my life and the less open I am about that business with The Internet.  But I like sharing craftiness and foodiness and a blog is a good jumping off point for craft community interaction, in which I sort of lurk and don’t comment much (I know, I know).

Anyway, these are mostly the musings behind why I haven’t posted for near a month.

So what have I been doing?  Spending a lot of time with the man.  Going on walks around Cape Ann with friends.  Cleaning my apartment and beginning to think about how all of my stuff will fit comfortably in the man’s house (short answer: it wont.  Time to destash, pare down, and sell stuff.  Anybody in MA need a super comfy brown loveseat?). Cooking and eating, but nothing noteworthy.  Reading, studying.  Planning the Big W and preparing for the ensuing marriage.

But I have PLANS, yo.  I have a sock on the needles that’s been there since FEBRUARY.  That’s over six months and over six months is entirely too long for a pair of the plainest vanilla socks to be knit.  I’d like to finish them this weekend and then wear them, because the weather has turned crisp and socks are indeed needed.  I have two quilts I’d like to finish before the end of next month.

And then we’ll go from there.

In other news, my best friend got a kitty, Chloe, and has been sending me pics of her snuggled up in the quilt I made.  And who doesn’t love a kitten in a quilt?


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