9 thoughts on “Great Eggplant Gratin

  1. I made something like this last night. I set it free from gluten and dairy with panko style gf crumbs and no parm. I used 3 whole eggs because seriously eggs without yolks are for sad folks. And I pulled out the last of my home-made marinara. :)

    • That sounds so delicious! I love panko – I’ll have to try it. I bet it would be good with marinara – the only homemade sauce I have on hand has a TON of chunky deliciousness in it, which is good for pasta but I wasn’t feeling it for this recipe.

  2. Great Lucy, I am going to make this this weekend! A much needed post to deal with our 1.5 eggplants. (the other half of an absolutely collossal one went to make homemade eggplant subs, a favorite here!)

    • Slice eggplant in half, then in 1/4 inch thick slices.
      Coat in egg, then panko breadcrumbs.
      Fry for 1-2 minutes on each side in veg. oil.
      (Toast sub rolls, shred cheese while this is going on)
      Lately, make sauce from tomatoes by cutting up tomatoes, garlic, and whatever fresh herbs come from the farm, allow to boil for about 7-8 minutes.)
      Depending on our mood (ie: sort of hungry, or really hungry) allow the fried eggplant to marinate in the sauce for a few minutes, then place on the sub roll with cheese on top. Alternatively, just place eggplant, then sauce, then cheese on the roll.

      Easy, good. Just as good as anything you can order from the subshop (in my opinion)

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