We Built a Coffee Table

I’m a fiber person.  I gravitate towards cloth and yarn, roving and thread.  But I’m possibly competent with a hammer and have a fondness for power tools instilled in me through building sets and stages for my high school’s theater productions.  And I’m always game for a new adventure.

Cut to last week, when I added woodworking to my skillset! My friend Aimee (known usually as A on this blog, but she gave the permission to use her actual name – hi Aimee!) is moving soon and really wanted a new coffee table.  She found Ana White‘s site and decided she wanted to build her 20 Sec Tidy Coffee Table.  And then another friend, Liz, mentioned that she has access to power tools and men who know how to use them.  Excellent!

The Tuesday before, we went to the hardware store on an official scouting mission to check out materials and were a bit baffled by the array of wood.  2x4x16!  1x6x10!  I am not ashamed to admit that I was baffled by it all.  Friday, with the help of the pre-order service and Liz’s fiance, we bought supplies and by Saturday, we were building!

Aimee was our precision cutter

Aimee was dynamite with the, Liz was excellent at drilling, and I figured out how to work the kreg jig.  Seriously, if you ever want to build your own furniture, the kreg jig was tremendously useful.  I’m not sure we could have completed the project in a day if we hadn’t had it.

There was some trial and error and we got lots and lots of hints from the menfolk, but by the end of the day, we had built a coffee table!

The coffee table with the trundle closed

The coffee table with the trundle open!

The trundle can store so much!

And it rolls completely out!  How brilliant!

The back of the coffee table also has trim!

There was a learning curve, moments of frustration, whoopie pies eaten, fists bumped, verbal affirmation spoken. But in a day, we built a coffee table that hopefully, Aimee will use for many years. It is solid, good-looking, square, durable, functional, and made with love.

And it fit in her small car!

Well, with the window open.

Aimee is going to sand it and stain it and once she does that, I’ll make sure to put up a picture and a link to our brag post on Ana’s website!


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