Send Me On My Way

There’s no farm share this week.  Well, there’s a share but it is residing in A’s fridge, as I’m jetting off tonight to visit some people who live somewhere pretty exciting.  This has been in the works for Quite Some Time.  I would warn you that there may be some radio silence coming up, but that’s sort of the usual for this blog.  So, par for the course!

In the spirit of that jetting, here’s one of my favorite songs, Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. Just try and not dance along – it is that infectious. It’s a good anytime song, but also good for cooking, driving, sending people off in style, doing lab work, having a personal dance party in your cubicle, or a slightly less singular dance party over Skype. Sarah, did we ever dance around the kitchen to this particular song? If not, consider starting a new tradition – those happy dancing hippies are probably Our People.

And a bonus! All that dancing or driving probably has made you thirsty. Or hungry. Or something. All I know is that a couple of summers ago, all I had to do was look at somebody the right way and they’d burst into a beautiful, haunting melody about a delicious blended ice cream coffee delight: the Coffee Toffee Twisty Frosty.


One thought on “Send Me On My Way

  1. A delayed note for a piece of fun trivia: in the Coffee Toffee video, the dude in the middle of the backseat at 0:23 is a friend of Tommy’s from acting school.

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