BtC: June 22: Summer Reading

Well.  All that USOC/Ravelympic stuff was interesting, wasn’t it?  So they apologized and stirred up more furor, and then apologized AGAIN.  And then our Yarn Harlot updated her blog with a “Hey knitters, chill out and think clearly about this” sort of message.  And I’ve thought about things and taken some deep breaths and while the original language stings, it is Not A Big Deal and therefore, time to move on.  So last night, I left work, drove home in the hot hot heat, and discovered that my apartment was roughly 112°.  And then I decided that yes, it was logical to have ice cream for dinner and not think about anything beyond how hot it was and how nice the fan felt.

Behind the Curve is a links roundup I post on occasional Fridays. Or something. As a kid, summers were about voraciously devouring books. Thus, this weeks BtC has a rather literary bent.

When I was in middle school, my friends on my block and I pooled our books and made a little lending library for the neighborhood kids. Since then, I’ve loved the idea of book swapping. I’ve been a member of PaperBackSwap since college and I’ve sent and received over 300 books. I love getting mail and the service is free except for the cost of postage. For me, that’s a good deal!

Another book swapping idea is the Little Free Library, a box full of books you post in your front yard (or I suppose, place of business).

There’s even an indie Little Free Library in Cambridge called Pooh’s House!

There’s a trailer for Monsters University out! As excited as I am about Brave, Monsters, Inc. might be my favorite Pixar movie. Or in the top two.  You know, because I waffle on these kinds of things.  Anyway, Vulture also has a ranking of the first 12 Pixar movies.  I’d have rated Ratatouille lower, Monsters Inc. way higher, but I like their commentary.


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