Of Monsters

The first weekend of April, my friend A and I went to Boston to hear Of Monsters and Men. WFNX started playing their single, “Little Talks,” and we discovered them at about the same time and emailed each other a flurry of excitement: “Creaky ship noises!” “Members of the band yelling HEY!” “It sounds sort of nautical and Nordic and cool!” I got their 4-song single and liked it. Then I saw that tickets to their Boston show were on sale and cheap (!!) so I snagged a pair, not knowing what I was in for.

The opening act, Lay Low was great – lovely voice, great stage presence, and A and I both decided we wanted her fashion sense, which was a cute dress with Docs. And she stomped on a drum while she played. All kinds of awesome.

Of Monsters started with Dirty Paws, the first track off their album, My Head is an Animal. They walked onto a dark stage and started playing the first verse quietly. Then, with a loud HEY, the lighting effects were flipped on, covering the entire stage, instrument platforms, and backdrop with twinkle lights.

Dear Sarah, this is your weekly song. Of Monster’s and Men’s sound is so hopeful and exuberant, tinged with fresh air, their songs populated with rivers and waterfalls and woodland creatures. They sound like summer and joy and I hope you like them!

Update: Check out Sarah’s song to me HERE!


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