Way Behind the Curve: Jun 8

These last two weeks have been a slalom straight-shot through traveling, visiting friends, and wedding mayhem with little time left for thought, reflection, or my poor forgotten sewing machine, Daphne.

Giraffe at the Philly Zoo

Matching Bridesmaid Shoes

Hopefully that will change soon; I have big plans:

Stripey Socks (1 1/3 socks done)
Bird Pillow for Mom (front mostly done)
Llama Quilt of Awesomeness (~12ish blocks done?)

Future Projects:
Teal and Salmon On a Whim

In any case, today’s links have nothing to do with any of that. But a lot to do with octopuses! And not much else!

On the pretty and arty side, the blanket octopus!

On the funny and pseudoscience side, octopus gesture to speech interpretation!

The weather is finally beautiful in Boston. Hope you all have a lovely and octopus-filled weekend!


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