Llama Llogistics

Earlier last week, I was dithering over what to do with these Llama blocks. Recap: earlier I’d fussy-cut some llamas, and squared them on point with some scrappy fabric. And that was as far as I got.

Somewhere around on Thursday, my dithering started to get to me. I gave myself a little pep talk and made another block center with the llama straight on and bordered with some Echo. Then I finalized my stack of fabrics and boldly started to cut strips of between 1-2 inches. I figured that I could make a little mock-up and see which I preferred.

When I had a good-sized pile of strips, I laid out a log cabin block using the second (not on point) llama block:


That’s pretty nice, eh? I was all set to pick out the on-point llamas and go with that plan when I decided to try one in the mock-up, just for fun.


Ooh, that’s nice! Especially the big pop of color in the center!  I showed these pics to a sewing-friendly friend who concurred: on-point was better.

Llama quilt blocks

A bit of sewing and several episodes of 30 Rock and Community later, and I have several blocks in various states of completion. Finished blocks will be 12.5″ square and I’m getting to use up a lot of my bright scraps. Last night, I cut some center squares and strips out of the coordinating flapdoodle hats and Peruvian blanket prints. And seeing these blocks laid out on my floor makes me super excited to finish!


I think I’m going to need a total of 32 blocks and the finished quilt size will be ~64″ x 64″ – plenty big to be a couch/snuggle quilt!

Pattern: 12.5 inch on-point scrappy log cabin blocks
Fabrics: Laurie Wisbrun Llamas, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets and Jewels, Michael Miller Ta Dots, Metro Living Circles, Lotta Jansdotter Echo, Kate Spain Terrain


2 thoughts on “Llama Llogistics

  1. It is so fun to see you being so creative! I too am feeling the need to create things and finally get some of my sewing projects into production… can’t wait to see the final product!

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