Behind the Curve: May 18

Behind the Curve is the links roundup I post on occasional Fridays. Or something.

A Softer World was one of my favorite webcomics in college. I had several of the more darkly funny ones printed in black and white and sticky-tacked to my wardrobe. I like this one.

THXTHXTHX is a daily exercise in gratitude. Really. She’s grateful for everything.

I may have been geeking out over the pic of Loki and the Small Captain that’s been circulating the internet lately, but that was NOTHING compared to the hyperventalive shrieking that happened when I read the account of how that picture happened.

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite springtime reads. It’s quick, nostalgic, and lovely. On a rabbit trail started by an introvert-centric blog post, I found a series on Life Lessons from Green Gables at Modern Mrs. Darcy.

I love my Ikea Expedit bookshelf (which in my life, has become a hallway catchall) and I love this Expedit-to-bench tutorial from I Heart Organizing – sweet!

This zombies app would possibly get me to run. We’ll see!

Pics are from last night’s visit to the Carnival.  Whee!


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