Steampunk and Songbirds

After getting out the stack of fabric, cutting some llamas, adding some triangles to put them on point (?) and square them up, I got a bit sidetracked. First of all, I’m not 100% confident in this improvisational method and its results.  I’ll have to do some experimenting. Second, I got sidetracked by steampunk.


Yes, Adventure Friend A and I sallied forth to the Watch City Festival–in costume! My day ensemble was scrounged and sewn from an old velvet skirt of A’s made into a vest (pattern here), a prom dress made into a skirt, a bustle from the bridesmaid dress I wore in Mrs. Walker‘s wedding, and a blouse from Kohl’s my mom gave me many years ago.  And goggles.  Can’t forget the goggles. In addition to the excellent people-watching and vendor-browsing the festival afforded (I think a seamstress cuff like this one would be an excellent splurge), we got to hear an excellent talk on multiculturalism in steampunk, given by Ay-leen the Peacemaker and Jamie Goh, which provided a lot of fodder for thinking and discussion – everything from arts (James Ng‘s Imperial Airship!) to racism to cultural appropriation to Avatar to exploring and speculating on one’s own history.  So – cool!

In other sewing-related news, my mom recently bought some new patio furniture and wants pillows to jazz up the beigeness.  I’m thinking of plump pillows in scrappy blues, teals, and greens with a splash of red – and I’m gathering inspiration.  And then I found this paper-pieced songbird made by Kristy of Quiet Play from a Liljabs pattern.  Now, my mother loves backyard birdwatching.  When I call, she gives me backyard bird updates.  She has arranged the furniture in the three season room specifically so that she can watch the birds at the feeders out the window.    So that was an obvious place to begin.



Granted, the seams are nowhere near perfect and his lower belly was supposed to be another shade of light blue.  I blame the fact that while I was sewing, I was also on hold with an airline and a credit card company, trying to spend a LOT of my hard-earned money, but that’s another Adventure.  I’m going to edge the block with little squares of blues and teals and I rather like him very much.  He has Personality.


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