Behind the Curve: May the Fourth

Today is May4th, which in some circles is Geek Pride day.  As a self-identified geek, today is a day to let one’s geek flag fly.

May the fourth be with you .   Alternatively: NOOO!

See also: Star Wars Manamana.

Also also: the best Star Wars party ever.

Many of my grad school friends recently defended or will soon defend.  I am very grateful that wrestling a snake will not be part of their defenses (and wasn’t part of mine – the experience was stressful/exhilarating enough!)

One of the things I geek out about is science, specifically because there’s crazy beauty everywhere, which is why this is my favorite xkcd.

Jon Acuff writes on this very thought in a recent Stuff Christians Like, and I agree with him.  When my family lived in Kenya, we’d often remark to each other that God must have a fantastic sense of humor because Figure 1: warthog.

Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) in Tarangire National Park, by Ikiwaner/Wikimedia Commons, used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License v1.2.

Lastly, geek pride has a new anthem in the form of the Guild video I’m the One That’s Cool.  Yes.  This will be stuck in your head.


2 thoughts on “Behind the Curve: May the Fourth

  1. I love that you love so many things that I also love :)

    I’ve only realized it over the past couple years, but science is so so cool. If only I could impart that opinion to my students.

    I cannot tell you how many times “I’m the One That’s Cool” has been played in our home. (maybe I could, but it’d be embarrassing)

    • I love that you and I love many of the same things!
      My favorite (science) teachers – the ones that got me to think and stretch and delve into the subject matter the most – were always the ones that were SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC to the point of geeking out about the subject at hand, whether that be vernal pool amphibians or protein synthesis or chemical structure. In fact, my marine bio prof used to say, when we were in the field, that if you saw something cool, you had to wave your hand around and yell “Oooh ooh ooh!” to get everyone’s attention.

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