Bow Ties are Cool

In addition to flowers, chirping birds, nesting ducks, warmer temperatures, and young man’s fancies turning to thoughts of love, for some, spring is a time for the dreaded thesis defense. Truth: my FB wall is currently filled with people defending, planning defenses, printing theses, and the desperate moans of those trying to graduate on time. I remember going through the same thing myself, except I defended in November.

Aside: I defended I think sometime in early afternoon. My mom was able to take the day off but my dad didn’t know if he could, as he had to teach. Anyway, I got the room ready, put the snacks out, got my defense presentation booted up, said hello to my classmates and some old friends who were able to make it, and then we dove in. About 10 minutes into the talk, my dad sneaks in to the back of the room with this big proud smile on his face and I was so, so glad to see him that I nearly started to cry. I think that was the best part of the day – that my dad was able to come and I made him proud.

Anyway anyway, my best friend is defending this month. She’s studying public health and involved with an initiative that teaches kids healthy lifestyle options through cycling. She also wants to go on and study the effect of cycling and safe recreation areas on urban youth populations for her PhD. Also, she rocks the “nerdy professor” look with aplomb, and wanted to wear a bow tie for her defense (because as every Doctor knows, bow ties are cool!).

Of course, we must oblige such audacious fashion choices.

She picked out the fabric (Commute by JayCin Designs for Birch Fabrics, purchased through LiMaSews on Etsy – love the bikes!) and another friend (and wife of a bow-tie wearer) sent me a pattern, and off I went!


Tracing and cutting were fairly straightforward, and I tried it on before I sewed just to make sure that the bow could be tied at a good place. I ended up taking off about half an inch from the length to accommodate for S’s smaller neck.


The turning right-side-out was really the hardest part. It took me maybe three tries because I had to turn it back inside out to correct a spot that hadn’t sewn together properly. But next time (and there probably will be a next time), I will know and be ready to troubleshoot that issue.  Note: a chopstick with a pointy point works wonders.


After a press with full steam (and yes, those are my feet and I do spend most of my evenings in pink gnome pajamas), it was done!

Bow tie!

Here’s hoping a little bike bow tie brings a bit of extra chutzpa to S!


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