Behind the Curve: 27 April

When I started this most-recent iteration of a blog thing in the twilight days of 2011, I made no promises about content, schedule, timeliness, or really, anything other than “stuff I make and/or find amusing.” Really, I think that’s the best format for me, because while I find a lot of things amusing or crafty, I’m not the speediest of crafters. And between having the hurls last week and working on other stuff this week, I have nothing to show.

But enough navel gazing! I do have some stuff I want to show you! This week’s theme: Stuff That’s Been Around For So Long You’ve Forgotten It and Thus It is New Again.

Case in point: the We Love xkcd video from Olga Nunes.  I’ve been humming this to myself ALL WEEK.

I referenced The Engineer’s Guide to Cats at a dinner party last weekend in the offhand “have you seen/do you remember this?” and my date was all “that’s OLD!  I FORGOT that EXISTED.”  Well, date!  Forget no more!  These engineers want to tell you about cats!  Also, I showed it to my (60+ year old) parents and they both laughed.

When we were done watching the above vid on my phone, my mom insisted we find the Xylopholks on YouTube because she had seen them last time she was in NYC.  They are strange but they do not disappoint.

A little bird told me that Dîner en Blanc was coming to Boston this summer.  Here’s a review of the NYC Diner and needless to say, I’m excited.

From the sublime to the slightly-differently sublime.  Chickens of Fire!

Have a happy weekend, everybody!


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