BtC: Spontaneous Joy and Contra Dancing

Behind the Curve is a quasi-weekly feature of happy/interesting things I’ve found on the internet. 

The printer at my office has been down for the last week and a half for a number of sad reasons.  My whole department needs some printer grace.

I watched a lot of Mister Rogers with my mother when I was little.  What would have been his 84th birthday was this past week and we could all use a bit more of his brand of kindness, neighborliness, and fierce belief in the value and dignity of life.  Do watch the YouTube clips, perhaps with a tissue if you are prone to verklemptness, as I am.

Improv Anywhere, one of my favorite societies for spontaneous joy, recently visited TED.  Their talk went as one might assume.

I really enjoy Kyle Eschen’s brand of dry, dry comedy.  And bonus! Neil Patrick Harris!

I’m going to a contra dance tonight, and I am very excited.  This is an unusual example of a dance in that it includes didgeridoo, the song “Dancing in the Streets,” and ends with crowd surfing.  And man does it look fun.  (Note: see here for a more “usual” dance)

Hope you have a great weekend!


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